My name is K.A. I was seen by Mr Yaj Ghosh today. He was very thorough and in all honesty, made the whole experience very relaxing. I just wanted to take a moment to  recognize a job well done by him.


Hello Mr Ghosh. Today was a Happy...Sad  day. Great  to be discharged but sad to not be seeing you again. Both GT and myself were more than fortunate to make your acquaintance and  to benefit from your skill. We really are most grateful to you. 
May we wish you and your family a long and healthy life. 
I/ we would always welcome an opportunity to shake your hand. Any time any where Take Care.

Mrs F - Eyelid surgery

I had been experiencing difficulty reading comfortably for a while, (subconsciously holding up my left eyebrow) and was having headaches centred over both eyes.

Mr. Ghosh was extremely thorough and saw that the left eyelid and brow possibly need lifting, too. I look at my 'before' and 'after' photographs . I was quickly reassured by Mr. Ghosh's friendly and empathetic manner that he could put things right for me. More importantly, he proposed to use his fairly new procedure whereby no stitching or suturing takes place outside of the eyelid as his procedure takes place behind the eyelid. So no scars! He suggested he operate on the right eye first, reassess after six weeks with proposals for the left eye.

It was to be carried out under local anaesthetic as Mr. Ghosh would need to talk to me during the procedure. I had only experienced general anaesthesia with previous surgery and I was very apprehensive, but I need not have worried. There was only slight discomfort and the procedure took less than an hour. The theatre staff were also fantastic, holding my hand throughout, very kind and caring.

I had to wear a rigid eye patch for one night and bathe the eye next morning with cooled boiled water and cotton pad. I also had to use antibiotic drops and lubricating drops for two weeks until I saw Mr. Ghosh again. I was surprised I had experienced hardly any bruising and, of course, no external sutures or scars. The eyelid now sat above the pupil. Result!!

At six weeks Mr. Ghosh showed me in a mirror how correcting the right lid had stopped me from trying to lift the lids with my eyebrow muscle( which was why I was having headaches) and he proposed that the same operation for the left eyelid would be sufficient to correct the remaining problems with my vision. This was carried out and again, there was minimal bruising and the left lid sat above the pupil and both lids matched. Excellent!!

I would like to stress the importance of Mr. Ghosh's involvement with my ongoing care; he regularly e-mailed me to check upon my progress after both operations, generously replying to any queries I had, extremely promptly. This was something I have not always experienced in previous post-op care.

My fears of being awake during surgery were unfounded. The benefits were immediate and I am reading and driving without any problems. My headaches have gone and there is no sign I have had the surgery. Thank you Mr. Ghosh.