Special Interests


Skin cancers around the eye and eyelids are quite common. Any lumps and bumps that do not resolve with standard treatment and has symptoms like itching and bleeding periodically, should be checked out. Basal cell carcinoma is the commonest skin cancer and surgical removal with reconstruction cures most of these lesions. One of my special interests is in this area and functional restoration with good cosmesis is my speciality.




Droopy eyelids can cause problems with field of vision and are often cosmetically unacceptable.
The conventional way of addressing this surgically is to operate from the outside of the eyelid, which can cause more bruising and a more prolonged recovery period. I have developed a modified approach, which goes from the inside of the eyelid and is much less invasive. The patient satisfaction is much higher as there is reduced post-operative discomfort and recovery is much quicker.